The Pillow Project Presents


at The Kelly Strayhorn Theater

: A dance told in slivers of light

   on the canvas of the body in the dark




8p |  $10-$15 tickets at the door

The Pillow Project presents  their world premiere of NOW:PLAYING, a full length dance work lit entirely through an original approach to theatrical lighting by utilizing projection aimed from the floor and across the stage. This hour-long performance, complete with original score composed by long-time collaborator PJ Roduta, “paints the music onto the movement” with projected light. The dance creates illusions out of bodies in motion, who seemingly appear from nowhere and disappear back into darkness. 


NOW:PLAYING is the definition of when and how improvisation happens. It is the performers who literally press ‘Play’ in unison to initiate the precisely timed video projection they will play in this theatrical announcement of The Pillow Project's first feature length performance to ever occur in a theater in the company's  fifteen-year history.

Through the their unique choreographic direction, The Pillow Project plays in a present-tense Postmodern-Jazz.