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The Spirit of The Space Upstairs winds a cloud around the support beam at its center. We believe not all ghosts are dead, because in The Space we dance with ghosts of the living.  What spirits haunt us here bring joy.


The Space Upstairs was made possible when Construction Junction showed Jaka Pearl Porter (then Pearlann Porter) to the unfurnished, untapped resource of the dusty room.  Having sought out a new place to perform, what they found was a new, lasting home for commitment.

That was 2006.  Since then the mission of The Space Upstairs has been experiments in collaboration, promoting artistic permission.  This unexpected find was repurposed into an incubator for provoking intimate expression, a place where professional art can achieve the most personal connection, omitting the formal divide of a stage.  Our objective is the revelation of process. An original audience inclusion happens each time we share comprehension into the ‘how’ of things, into our reasonings.

The Space Upstairs

photography by Jaka Porter

The Space itself is perpetually rearranging, it's artifacts all storied as residents of the warehouse loft.  What you'll find here is a thing you've probably heard of, but likely never seen: a space jazzed as a verb in poetic motion. 

The Space cultures a collaborative, art-lounge atmosphere, a collective expression of what resourcefulness can accrue over time.  Artists gravitate here for The Space’s influence to their music, motion, and poetry of the moment.  

The Space Upstairs is our personal laboratory.  Here we risk and share. The Space is a sober creative environment for open, self-expression and engagement for both performers and observers, projectors and their mirrors.  We are all artists in this space as our ideas unfold together.

And we sense the ghosts; no artist solos here, truly.  We share this home and harmonize in our appreciation with everything that has come before our moment now.

Artwork by Jordan Bush / photography by Pearlann Porter

The Space Upstairs
The Space Upstairs
The Space Upstairs
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