The Space Upstairs was made possible when Construction Junction introduced Pearlann Porter to the as yet unfurnished and untapped resource of the dusty loft in response to her seeking a warehouse in which to produce a new show.  The luck of that chance encounter led to the lasting commitment and perennial investment that is the evolution of The Space.


That was 2006.  Since then it has been the mission of The Space Upstairs to promote the permission of artists to commit uncommon experiments in collaboration.  This unexpected find has been invested with our passions and repurposed into a home and incubator for provoking intimate expression, a place where professional art can find the most personal connection by omitting the formal divide of a stage.  Our objective is the sincerest audience inclusion through the revelation of the processes that underpin our poetry, music, and movement arts.  

photography by Pearlann Porter

Artwork by Jordan Bush / photography by Pearlann Porter

The Space Upstairs has cultured a laid-back lounge atmosphere, a collective expression of what resourcefulness can accrue over time. Those artists who gravitate here share a distinct 'jazzed' approach to music, motion, and the poetry of the moment.  They are drawn by the intrigue of experiencing ‘Jazz’ as a verb.  As Pittsburgh’s base residence of Postjazz Improvisation, The Space Upstairs is both our personal laboratory for navigating artistic risks, and our forum for sharing what we learn, innovating more meaningful interactions with audiences.